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What is Twitching?

Twitching is a simple concept, it’s a social media platform via a video stream for gamers. There are different types of streams, the oldest being game streams (streaming standard video games) and the newest being online casino games (streaming games from specific casinos). There are over 10 million viewers daily and more than 2 million streamers. People stream because they want to entertain people with the games they are playing, or events they are attending.

Twitch Viewers

There are plenty of different viewer out there that want to watch people stream and these people all have different tastes. There are various categories including games, esports, editorials, events and twitch creative which aims at the arts (for people who want to watch the creative process). In the game category we find tons of games, ranging from video games to casino games.

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Casino Twitching

Why do people twitch about Casinos? People twitch casinos because they want people and players out there to get a feel for not only the casino, but the games they have to offer. With each stream the casino twitcher streams, they will choose a casino they want to play at. Once they have chosen the casino, they will choose their first game to play on. If the game of choice doesn’t produce some good results, the twitcher will change the game. If you as a viewer want them to play a particular game, all you have to do is ask them on the chat and most likely they will play your game.

While you watch these streams you can interact with the twitcher and let them know your thoughts and ideas as they play. Here at NetEntBigWins, we have decided to give twitching a go and you can find us on the twitch website here.

Top Casino Twitchers

There are plenty of casino twitchers out there, but who do you watch? Who is the most entertaining on the market? Here are our Top 4 Casino Twitchers:

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Casino Daddy

Casino Daddy is a streaming profile that is made up of three brothers from Sweden who work part time as affiliates. They focus on Casino Slots and in their description on you will be able to find out more about their top casinos. Also the bonuses and offers at each casino and a little bit more about them!

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Casino Twitcher

Casino Twitcher is a 33-year-old Norwegian that’s started his gambling journey at the age of 17. He worked both for casinos and has been an affiliate for about 13 years. On his profile on you will be able to find out about his schedule, favourite games, bet sizes, raffles and more.

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Casino Robot

Casino Robot is run by Jonas who lives in Sweden. He works as an affiliate and runs his own affiliate site He has no schedule, but instead will stream weekdays and weekends. On his profile you will be able to see his biggest wins, his coin system and giveaways.

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Mr. Casino is a Swedish casino player that lives in Malta. He has been twitching for some time and has a full time job. He twitches between 17:00 and 23:00 on weekdays and works a bit on weekends and on his profile you will be able to see a bit about him and the casino of choice to play at.

Stay tuned for our Twitches on our Channel!

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