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What is a Deposit Bonus? Surely along your journey of exploring the vast selections of online casino’s available from all corners of the internet, you might have come across this term – Deposit Bonus or also known as ‘match bonus’. Basically a Deposit Bonus promotion attracts players to a casino. Or, to make the casino even more attractive to the already existing player.

The online casino’s aim is to stimulate the player to make a deposit. You are probably thinking how making a deposit benefits the player or even begins to attract players. The simple answer is ‘discount’ – a specific amount a player has been discounted by percentage, often differing in percentage according to that particular online casino, therefore most casinos will offer their own Deposit Bonus percentage in addition to individual terms & conditions! This initial bonus deposit percentage taken from the player then returns to the players account!

More Deposit Bonuses

Obviously to receive a bonus deposit, the player must firstly make a deposit with a return that is based on the total amount transferred to your account. Thus, a percentage of this deposit made. The casino will automatically calculate the bonus by the percentage of offers, only after the deposit has arrived, and therefore totalling the money to the players account. An Example of a Deposit Bonus

The following are provisional examples of the workings of a Deposit Bonus:

The player deposits 50 USD for example, into his or her account and when processed it will be matched by the particular casino the player has selected. At this point you can claim your 100% bonus back if that is what the casino is offering.

Further examples of Deposit Bonuses you are likely to see on a casino’s website include the following:

  • Bonus offer = 50% up to 500 USD.
  • Deposit 50 USD to get 25 USD bonus, you play with 75 USD

How to Find Deposit Bonus

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An image of Deposit Bonus