An image of a cash back bonus
A cash back bonus many times refers to losing at a game and getting cash back. Basically, the Cash Back Bonus is the return or refund of your money you may have lost during play. This money refunds in the form of real cash in most occasions but mostly refunded in bonus money, back in to your account. This type of bonus is a percentage of your net losses, over a specific period of time or on a specific game, which you have already wagered your funds on, therefore no real loss can come from the Cash Back Bonus.

Purpose of a Cash Back Bonus

As with most online casino’s and even land-based casinos, promotions of this nature are designed to attract business. They are a form of prize or reward that will offer appeal to players, you are not getting rich from this promotion but it will cover little portions of your losses.

The Cash Back Bonus for example compares to a safety cushion for players or in simpler terms, as a way to offset a small amount of their losses while playing at a casino. This kind of reward is made especially for players; seen as an offer to loyal customers as a form of ‘thank you for doing business with us’. Most online casinos may offer this promotion to players taking part as VIP members, or as mentioned, through a client loyalty program. However, most NetEnt casinos offer this promotion on a weekly to monthly basis for all players to keep players 100% satisfied.


How does a Cash Back Bonus Work?

An example of this Cash Back Bonus would resemble the likes of the 2 following examples:

  1. A player spends 100 Euros on a specific game that features this bonus. The player may lose 60 Euros on that specific game and the casino would usually set between 5% – 25% money back to cover the player’s losses, and return to the players account. Such percentages differ from casino to casino and may vary in types of refunds ranging from real cash to bonus money or other kinds of prizes.
  2. The casino may offer a promotion that offers 25% Cash back to a maximum of 50 Euros. Followed by your betting, you lose 300 Euros, the casino will refund you the maximum percentage of your loss equalling to 50 Euros.

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