Before we take a looking into responsible gaming, it is important that we understand the term, addiction. The state of being enslaved to a habit or to practice something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming. To such an extent that its termination causes severe trauma – the dictionary explanation.

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More about Responsible Gaming and Addictions

Just from reading that, surely one can foresee the serious nature of this topic and why it is necessary to have such discussions. Especially since gambling holds one of the highest levels of addicted parties worldwide. It is a high that taps into a player’s dopamine senses, a chemical in the body associated with the feel good sensation.

The mechanism behind an addiction lends to the creating in one’s brain of making the player desire more. Through various psychologically mechanisms including intermittent reinforcement. Intermittent reinforcement seen as a reward system interpreted as rare from the player. Therefore, creating a tendency to chase this rare winning event, drawing the player deeper. The science to addiction comes in facets from dependence as mentioned through intermittent reinforcement. Also exemplified above, to theories of inherent personality types. Whatever the cause or reason, addiction is a serious matter that shouldn’t be underplayed nor underestimated. The consequences vary largely and is beyond the individual addict in terms of affecting family members and friends, potentially destroying homes and relationships.

What Is Responsible Gaming?

This is a code of conduct created to aid responsible online gambling casinos and other forms of betting operators by implementing specific laws. Gambling operators must uphold the highest standards of safety, reliability, fair gaming, information privacy, customer support, and most importantly the protection of players. The idea behind responsible gaming is to set limits with the purposes of controlling time and money that a player may intend to spend or use. There are safety principals that a player can also follow to protect themselves for dependencies as casino’s cannot take this responsibility on their own. Such principals include the following:

  • Players should avoid spending more than a set amount chasing victories;
  • Only play with your own money, losing borrowed money would have further unpleasant consequences;
  • Stick to daily commitments and relationships primarily;
  • Avoid gambling under the influence.

Gambling addiction assistance organisations

Find several organisations troubled players may seek help at that specialize in problematic gamers. These organisations include:

  • Gambling Therapy – The British Gordon Moody Association directed at problematic gamblers from outside the UK. They also have a website available in 29 languages.
  • Australian National Problem Gambling Portal – Official National portal of the Australian Government concerning problem gambling distress. Also they offer risk assessment tests, online self-help tools, Live Chat, forums and more.
  • GamCare – renowned as one of the best organizations dedicated to solve problem gaming and providing assistance to problematic gamblers. A UK based independent charity.
  • Gamblers Anonymous – The website of self-help group Gamblers Anonymous with all information about this organization and anonymous help.

Find even more companies out there to help, the above include just a few mentioned. Please always remember to play responsibly. In addition, if you do have a problem feel free to contact any of the responsible gaming businesses.