Live Roulette brings realism to the player! Most Online Casinos operate with advanced graphics which present the most realistic feeling. Its almost as close to walking into a casino feeling and enhanced by real interactions between player and casino team. Gaming from a Live Casino, players and dealers alike experience game realism of dealing, serving, betting and all that makes Roulette what it is. This comparison is not to knock Online Roulette but to establish the difference as some players could prepare for a more standard online game.

To elaborate this statement, players new to Roulette may not feel ready for the risks involved in Online Live Roulette. Online can double back as a learning platform as there are some casinos that may offer a free game or two. Compared to Live Roulette which rarely offer live practical hours. This is a major drawback for new players. In conclusion both Online and Live have their benefits and drawbacks. Ultimately its up to the player to weigh the risk factor. Knowing Online Roulette is a safer bet for newer players learning the game.

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An image of HD Live Roulette from NetEnt

How Live Roulette Works

Live Roulette is fairly new to the world of games being introduced in June 2005. Primarily broadcast under the name Vegas 24/7 on Sky channel 274. This game is the brainchild of TV format developer David Wainwright. Roulette Live relates to normal Roulette with the exception of the computer age and a few changes. Live Roulette – played through a computer screen and an internet connection. Live Roulette started out as an experiment to see how the masses would respond to gaming.

We have established from above that Live Roulette consists of some type of internet connection. Also, a screen and though indirect is relatively live. The internet connects to parties, one human dealer running the game in real time. Providing a live game via their own exclusive website, and on the other side a player. Ideally speaking, both parties must remain connected at the same time. A popular example – take skype for instance, a video call involving two or more parties communicating simultaneously with a vision of each other.

Basically, Live Roulette works under similar principals. It uses specific software; people can place bets on their computer screen while communicating with the dealer. The resulting effect is a physical transaction by the dealer such as the spinning of the Roulette wheels and card dealing, while the player responds to the dealing on his or her side of the screen. Live casino games tend to be expensive in comparison to virtual online games because more goes into live preparation. For instance, you have a host, a dealer, technical staff members, numerous cameramen and generally a lot of hands involved in making Live Roulette Online happen.

NetEnt Live Roulette: HD Live Roulette

NetEnt provide their players with their very own HD Live Roulette. In this game you can choose if you would prefer European or French Roulette. The dealer and game broadcasts from Malta in a studio and you can make a maximum bet of €75,000.00 on HD Live Roulette. You can chat to the dealers which gives you a sense of a real land based casino experience.

History of Roulette

Many theories exist on the origins of Roulette but most readily agreed upon is that of the French scientist, mathematician and inventor called Blaise Pascal. Pascal did not intend to create this game, instead he was trying to create a machine that would operate without drawing energy from an external source. This concept became impossible and caused him to fail. But instead gave birth to the legendary game we know today as Roulette. Others have it that this legendary game was invented by bored random French monks to lighten the tediousness of life in the monastery.

The name Roulette means small wheel in French pointing back to its French origins. With all theories comes competing ideologies, most historians point out the Roulette is of English ancestry due to supposed English names like Ace of hearts, Roly Poly and not much Italian names Hoca and Biribi.

Play Live Casino Roulette

An image of HD Live Roulette