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Live Blackjack Vs Online Blackjack

Live Blackjack offers the player attractive female blackjack dealers and brings a more physical presence than you can expect from Online Blackjack. Players get the opportunity to interact in real time with a visible dealer presented in advanced graphics. Dealers and players alike experience real time dealing, serving and the placement of real bets. Those elements establish a sense of realism. In contrast not every player might be too comfortable with a live dealer for various reasons, this occurs if the player would lack the skills to be competitive enough therefore shying away from a live event. Thus it is possible to see why online blackjack serves an advantageous purpose. Players can use online blackjack for practice time, building up skills, strategies and confidence by tracking wins and losses measuring up talent. Conclusively, both Online and Live Blackjack have benefits for players.

How Live Blackjack Works

To appreciate Live Blackjack, one needs to understand the basics of the term live. In short, live means in real time. There are technologies mandatory for this phenomenon to be accessible. Live Casino Dealing requires a human dealer running the game from a casino gaming table and a recipient on the other side of the live streaming video channel via their own computer screen. These parties connect to the internet at the same time, like you would a Skype call. As with most live broadcasts running costs potentially are higher than virtual gaming. Investments must go into the technologies involved and behind the scenes running costs of software and analyst rooms. The software allows participants to place bets on their computer screens simultaneously. This transaction creates the illusion of a physical interaction between players communicating with the dealer on the other end of the line.

Another expense equally as important as technological software to be considered is the technical staff members, the cameramen, the host and management for Live Blackjack.

Playing Live Blackjack with NetEnt

Established in the mid part of 2013, Live Blackjack has grown in popularity with players craving the sense of realism through Live Blackjack. The real sense of defeating the dealer over their own computer. Blackjack is the new online trend, NetEnt have developed the best possible Live Blackjack sticking to the classic conventions that make this game what is arguably the most popular casino table game. NetEnt takes Live Casino involvement to new heights with the introduction of realistic full HD “high Definition”. Now gamers can play this attractive game in true style as NetEnt provides friendly and charismatic dealers trained to the highest of standards. NetEnt easily provides the best in online casino experiences.

Basic Rules of Live Blackjack

The objective is to try get as close to 21 over the dealer’s hand. Players are dealt two cards with the values of both added to together. All cards carry a numeric value, for example, jacks, kings and queens each amount to 10 points, while aces are 1 or 11. Players have the option of collecting an additional card called “hit” after receiving the first two cards. The objective is getting 21 or as close to the number as possible. It is possible for the player and dealer to tie, called a “push”. Should that happen typically neither win nor lose on that hand.

An image of the NetEnt Blackjack dealers

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The History of Blackjack

Despite Blackjack being one of the most popular of card games, to the likes of roulette, blackjack has a somewhere sketchy origin as numerous theories spin upon the roots of this game making for an intriguing read. The origins are a hot debate amongst card game fanatics. Most fanatics will agree that blackjack originated from French Casinos. In the 1700’s, blackjack was not as known blackjack but instead as Vingt-et-Un which directly translated to twenty-one derived from a combination of French card games, French Ferme and de Fer. A second theory hints upon Germanic roots stating blackjack as a game played by the upper-class and nobility of Europe during the periods of the 15th century, the emergence of the Western printing press by printer Johannes Gutenberg of Germany. Where does this leave us? With more uncertainty for sure, we will leave it up to you to decide!