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Now NetEnt has created its own retro version called Zombies Online Slot. It brings some fear into the player, set in a vacant mall, you need to survive the zombie epidemic. Your reward is winning cash! Zombies have been depicted in stories with the first version dating back to 1819 in the history of Brazil by a poet called Robert Southey. This fascination runs at a neurological level according to author Douglas Rushkoff. Even the late Michael Jackson made is on interpretation of zombies in the music video “thriller”. It’s safe to say we love these dead creatures. This online slot game features 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 fixed bet lines. It satisfies even the most seasoned of online players.

How to play Zombies Online Slot

To avoid being zombie chow, it is advisable for the player to learn some of the controls of Zombies Online Slot. Follow the simple instructions and prepare to win big:

  • Bet level – pressing the arrow key left or right increases and decreases the bet level by 1. You would also use the drag slider below for a fast action.
  • Spin button – to hurdle the game round at the current bet level and coin value, click the spin button.
  • Coin value – to increase or decrease the coin value to the next level, click the arrow left/right. You can also click and drag the slider below
  • Autoplay – pressing this button starts the game round automatically.
  • The plus sign on the quick setting Menu button. If tapped quick, it should activate the quick spin and start the games autoplay without going to the setting menu.

Features and symbols of Zombies Online Slot

Its a game to be desired with features including the Random Wild which is a crucial point of this game. They activate after any spin in the main game as unexpectedly as 2 zombie heads manifesting on the reels. Wild symbols appear after the Random Wild feature ends to substitute any symbol from the starting round. Zombies Online Slot offers a Stacked Wild and Traditional Wild substitutions over the Random Wild Feature. This Stacked Wild is an attractive feature that can appear on the third reel as a single symbol or a Stacked Wild of 2 or 3 symbols. Other features include Free Spins and Free Spin Features which all come together to create a very satisfying and rewarding online slot game.

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A screenshot of Zomies Online Slot