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Boom Brothers Slot features 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 fixed bet lines promising big winning combinations. Players of all kinds will always find an excitement in blowing things up, it’s not rocket science. Unfortunately, no really environment allows for such devastating activities except for Boom Brothers Slot. This is a slot game designed for pure explosive fun and a creation of NetEnt. To level with you, NetEnt has gained popularity for serious reasons, they aren’t new to the gaming industry, they create highly entertaining games, feature the best graphics and sound, plus the best pay out. Combine an explosive online slot game with mega winning combinations and you get yourself real fun!!

How to play Boom Brothers Slot

Surely you know the saying ‘if you play with fire, you are going to get burnt’. Well we have a new saying for you – ‘if you don’t understand the controls of this online slot game you are going to get blown up’. Below are some simple keys that should keep you safe from a self-explosion and straight into winning combinations:

  • Bet level – Clicking the arrow to the left/right increases or decreases the bet level by one. Otherwise, click and drag the slider below for a faster action.
  • Bet lines – the left and right button services to increase or decrease bet lines by 1 unit
  • Spin button – pressing this button starts the game round at the current bet level and coin value.
  • Max bet – press the max bet button for the highest bet level and the current coin value.
  • Coin value – clicking the arrow left/right or click and dragging the slider below increases or decreases the coin value to the next level.
  • Autoplay button – this button allows the player to automatically play the game for the selected number of rounds.

Features and symbols of Boom Brothers Slot

Boom Brothers Online Slot has features that match the excitement you can expect from playing such an explosive game. Like never before, Scatter and Wild Symbols, 2nd Change Win features and Railtrack Features bring a new dimension to slot games. Take the 2nd Chance Win Feature as an example, we know that the game round does not always lead to winning therefore players get given a second chance by receiving 4 random game play events that could turn a non-winning round into a winner. This online slot game is pure ecstasy, play and win!

Play for Real Money

Boom Brothers Online Slot