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NetEnt is proud to bring the online game audience the spectacular French Roulette. As we have come to expect from NetEnt games, expect no less than the best animation and high quality HD graphics when playing an online game from this software platform. Players accustomed to such high quality online gaming will enjoy taking a spin on Online French Roulette. NetEnt – a provider of world class experiences with an attractive table and billboard. In addition, this design is intuitive making game play easy. Players have the option of 4 versions of the game, low, standard and high roller and VIP targeted at the different levels of experiences Online Roulette players may have attained.

How to play Online French Roulette

Find simple and effective table betting highlights and a mouse over assisting the players to place their bets. Helping the gamer get acquainted with Online French Roulette. The highlights and mouse over gives information containing bets made and also informs the player when they have exceeded a table limit or bet type. The table stack, the winning number presentation and roulette statistics display on an eye-catching billboard.

Features and symbols of Online French Roulette

Online French Roulette, as briefly mentioned above features an eye catching billboard. In more detail, this billboard has two modes, bet and result mode. The latest roulette casino statistics and the two unique Hot and cold numbers are also represented on the bet mode. Result mode on the billboard displays the winning numbers and results, whether there are winnings or no winnings. The billboard will notify the player the amount won. You can view the statistics which include hot numbers, cold numbers, odd, even, red, zero, green and black numbers. Online French Roulette also features Advanced Autoplay Settings which gives the player the option to select the number of games to play and specific conditions that you can program for autoplay which stops at the players will.

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A screenshot of French Roulette