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In European Roulette, online players seek for elegance and world class entertainment with an objective of have unadulterated fun, therefore you will be glad to know Net Entertainment is in line with just those thoughts. Introducing another well designed NetEnt online game, European Roulette. The game provides the player an attractive table and billboard which include voice announcements to aid the player, this allows the gamer to focus solely on the table game. The whole idea comes together intuitively making the gamer’s experience smooth and very convincing of reality, considering that this is an online game. The game conveys outstanding aesthetics and design alongside the standard betting options available with most other popular NetEnt tables!

How to play European Roulette

When playing European Roulette Online, there are some common sequences the gamer should anticipate. For starters, the player must first get invited to place their bets. Secondly, players choose and place their bets (Bear in mind, the roulette table relies on bet highlighting and mouse over messages to convey contact and assist players in placing their bets). Once the bet has been placed, pressing the Spin button starts the game round. Values of all bets placed get withdrawn from the players balance. Followed by a launch of the ball into the European roulette wheel. Lastly, the winning number is announced after the ball lands in a slot, thus all winning bets are paid.

Features of European Roulette Online

European Roulette incorporates standard bets that players would be most accustomed to seeing at the table. For example: Straight Bet 10 Euros, Split Bet 20 Euros, Three Line Bet 30 Euros, Corner Bet 40 Euros, etc.The Roulette Billboard feature displays 3 hot & cold numbers and the results of the last 15 game rounds basing the hot & cold numbers on the last 500 game rounds. Favourite bets allow the player to save their preferred bets and play them automatically. This function facilitates the players’ patterns of play. Overall we love European Roulette and think you will too.

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A screenshot of European Roulette