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Blackjack 3 Hands is no exception when it comes to NetEnt quality as it is powered by the latest HTML5 technology which allows players to bet on up to 3 hands per game round. NetEnt has achieved a reputation for supplying online games of the finest level in graphics, animations and sounds. Blackjack fans looking for realism, this is your one stop table game. Trust NetEnt to bring you quality entertainment!

How to play Blackjack 3 Hands

This table game follows upon the guidelines much the same as Classic Blackjack. In the case that you are not familiar with Classic Blackjack below are some guidelines to help the online player understand the practical, concept and movement of this popular online table game:

The aim of playing Blackjack 3 Hands is to gain more points compared to the hand of the deal. Ideally the game wants you to get as close to 21 points but not over that sum. Each card holds its own value, for example, the Ace represents either 1 or 11, and the king, queen and jack are worth 10 points, while 2 to 10 numbered cards are of face value. The player is dealt 2 cards, remember the objective is to get 21 or as close to 21 as possible. Based on the cards received the player can either choose to ‘hit’ meaning – get an additional card, ‘stand’ – hold on to the cards you already have until the dealer plays his hand and finally, ‘double’ – which doubles the initial bet made on a hand. This short summary should get the player through the basics of this table game.

Features of Blackjack 3 Hands

Blackjack 3 Hands literally brings to the following features to the game table:

  • Double bets – players can double their bets of the original bet after receiving the first 2 cards
  • Splitting – cards of equal value for example, receiving two queens can be split to form two new hands. Similar to receiving a double game, the player will also receive an additional card for each split. This is automatically played on each hand with the same bet that was originally placed
  • Insuring hands – a player may put down insurance for his/her card own card should the first visible card of the dealers’ hand to himself/herself be an Ace card. In cases where a dealer has blackjack the player will win according to the pay table. It will cost the player 50 % 0f the worth of the original bet to insure a card.

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