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Blackjack Professional Series is another game promising high levels of entertainment for online players. Net Entertainment never shy away from bringing the online players new and exciting games. This online table game is fused with outstanding graphics. Gamers will feel a ‘close to real life experience’ with table designs, chips and cards that look so real. This is thanks to new age state of the art 3D graphics. Blackjack Professional Series offers players a world class experience being the first of a new generation of table games!

How to play Blackjack Professional Series

This table game features 3D perspectives on the table layout. As a result cards and chips have the appearance of realism. Realism infused with traditional playing rules of Black Jack will ensure players quickly come to terms with the controls. Some of this controls include deal, hit, draw, stand, split and double. Audio, game rules and menu setting of Blackjack Professional Series found at the left panel of the game.

Features of Blackjack Professional Series

The Double Jack Side Bet is a simple concept to understand. It involves offering the player the chance of multiplying their bet up to a hundred. This feature has proven popular with players. Boosting game turnover, cash drop and win/hold percentages without affecting normal blackjack game play! This feature is simple to master. It is based on just the first two cards dealt with the bet being settled directly upon conclusion of the initial deal. The Double Jack feature achieved when the first two cards in a regular Blackjack hand are a pair of jacks of spades, when they are a pair of jacks or the first card in regular Blackjack happens to be a Jack.

At the bottom right of the game is a select option of chip value with you can place on bets 1 to 3 hands. Deleting a chip allows players to remove any bets before the blackjack deal starts, this is called the Intuitive Betting and Blackjack feature.

As for payouts, players may view Blackjack and Double Jack by moving the mouse over the Min/Max sign on the table. The game panel at the bottom displays how much funds the player has available and also the amount bet and won.

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