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Baccarat Professional Series is a thrilling game that is played between banker and player. Gamers looking for something simple and yet exciting will enjoy Baccarat Pro as it follows the standard rules with a 9 to 1 payout for a tie. This series is available in Low Roller, High Roller and a VIP version available upon request. Baccarat Professional Series is a production of NetEnt, this software is recognized in the online gaming industry for delivering some of the highest quality entertainment. This game follows suit featuring rich graphics and crystal clarity we it comes to sound!

How to play Baccarat Professional Series

This table game is not hard to grasp. It is a thriller, although not the most complex of table games. The main objective of this game is to score as close to a total of nine points as possible by beating the other side. Your goal is to receive an eight or 9 as referred to as ‘natural’. Betting options are limited to these selections; bank, tie and player. Below is a list of card scores in case you are not familiar with this table game:

  • Numbers 2 – 9 represent their face value
  • Ace – The Card is worth 1 Point or 10
  • Jack, Queen and King are also worth 10

10 points are subtracted from the total when you receive 10 points or more, therefore a player cannot receive more than 9 points. 9 is the highest score to achieve. Just to clarify, if you have a 5 card and a jack, the total will equal 15. Of that 15 points, 10 points is always subtracted giving you a total of 5 points in your hand. Remember the objective is to score as close to 9 as possible!

In this table game 2 cards are dealt but a third card may be dealt when the player has 0-5 points, or the player doesn’t take a card where else the bank has taken a card of the value less than 5 points.

Features of Baccarat Professional Series

Baccarat Professional Series allows the player the option to select background, adjust sounds and music tracks available at the Game Settings menu panel. The menu also includes the game history and adjustable card dealing speed. Additionally, features include the Fun Game Play option, which lets the gamer have a free trial before placing real money bets.

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