Play Zodiac for Real Money

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Play Zodiac Scratch Card

Introducing Zodiac Scratch Card by NetEnt. We know this game is a great way to add cash flow to your account by hopefully bringing you the luck of the stars. People read zodiac signs for a variety of reasons. They truly believe in such phenomena’s as a prediction of the future. Whether you read them because you find astrology entertaining such as the predictions focusing on genres which include romance horoscope found on some magazines or perhaps out of habit, maybe some readers may take it more seriously and seek life answers. Whatever it may or may not be to you, we know zodiacs are popular. Easy predictions and instant payouts at your disposal offers a fixed value of 1.50 Euros which can award returns as large as 25000 Euros!

How to play Zodiac Scratch Card

Getting you started with Zodiac Online Scratch Card is not a complex matter. Firstly, you will need to buy a card to play for 1.50€ followed by selecting a scratch tool which reveals the six spaces on the cards. Use your selected tool to scratch the large circle which reveals the amount. Winning starts when you match two zodiac symbols. The more symbols you match the more payouts will be multiplied in sequences of 2, 4 or 10. Matching three symbols doubles the payout amount, while four symbols will result in four times the payout, and five offers the maximum reward of 10x payout!

Features of Zodiac Online Scratch Card

Zodiac Scratch Card offers some minor and useful game adjustments for a more customized feel. A speaker icon located at the bottom left of the screen allows the player to turn the sound on or off, while the question mark button when selected opens the following:

  • Game rules – this option provides the player knowledge about the rules of Zodiac Online Scratch Card
  • Game history – lets the player view your previous game proceedings and winnings

Play Zodiac for Real Money

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