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Tribble Online Scratch Card is all about simple fun that is brought to you by NetEnt. Tribble Online Scratch Card takes on the design of traditional games which also features a Multiplier. It stands apart from its counter parts by demonstrating bright colours. As reputation would have it, NetEnt games are known for their vibrant colours, animation and attention to detail. Tribble fortunately does fall into that category. Although Tribble Online Scratch Card leans toward a plain game in terms of Net Entertainment standards, it is without exception a quality game for the little platform that it falls under. A notable point about this game includes the fact that you get reasonable payouts, and you can win big prizes! It’s not always about the best graphics, when you get such good payouts!

How to play Tribble Online Scratch Card

Tribble Online Scratch Card features 9 cells that hide different sums of potential rewards under the protective layer. The player has to select 3 similar amounts of cards, as an objective to win payouts of appropriate sizes. The Multiplier feature allows as much as 10x the sum of the original prize. To start the game, you must first select the Buy Ticket button which will then allow you to start scratching the cards.

One of the features offered by this scratch game is the choice of your own scratch tool instead of the standard bottle cap, there is also a car key and guitar pick available! Players can opt to scratch manually or select the automatic feature by pressing the Scratch All button. All ten areas get scratched therefore revealing the amounts and Multipliers. Should the player obtain three of the same amounts, they will be rewarded with a prize. At this point, your balance is summarized after either being multiplied by x1, x2 to x10. Should the player be interested in a price or prices on offer, he/she can select the Paytable button which will display winnings.

Play Tribble for Real Money

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