Play Super Nudge 6000 for Real Money

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PlaySuper Nudge 6000 Slot

Net Entertainment brings you Super Nudge 6000 Slot, an inspiration taken from the 1950’s. The game belongs to the class of the older generation. But it still remains very relevant and desirable thanks to features such as a SuperMeter and Super Nudges. These features offer the possibility of winning 11960 coins by ensuring the best possible combinations. As with most Net Entertainment games, Super Nudge 6000 packs the finest details in graphics that draw players into character. Super Nudge 6000 Slot may at first appear to be just another fruit machine slot. However, upon closer inspection you will soon discover this is closer to a video slot game!

How to play Super Nudge 6000 Online Classic Slot

Getting the game started is simple. Below is a list of useful game actions designed to get the player up to speed with Super Nudge 6000 Classic Slot:

  • Collect – this key allows the player to move credits from the SuperMeter game to the basic game
  • Bet – this key toggles between the numbers of coins bet in the base, while in the SuperMeter mode key toggles the possible bets
  • Spin – this key spins the reels and also acts as a quick stop if the G4 is inactive. The player clicks the spin button, this debits the amount that is bet from the current credit after which the reels come to a complete stop.
  • Max Bet – this option allows the player to select the maximum number of coins and bet lines at the current coin value

Game results on this 3 reel slot – this feature highlights winning lines and the corresponding winning fruits in a Paytable. The ‘Win’ display shows the total winnings added together and if the player has selected the max Bet button, the coins will automatically move to the SuperMeter game. The player can also choose to locate the coins.

Play Super Nudge 6000 for Real Money

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