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Betser is the brand new sports/bookie release from Casino Heroes. They have decided to do something completely different when it comes to sports, offering you an interactive experience. You get to test your skills against other betters that are with Betser.

What makes them so different? They introduce to players for the very first time Balls and Brains, which is a reward system that lets you win unique offerings. Wanna go for Balls? Balls are for those who want to take a chance and bet on a long shot by trusting your gut. Or maybe you wanna go for Brains? Brains are for those who preferred a more calculated bet that minimizes risks. Either one you choose, you will receive some awesome points which will unlock some pretty awesome rewards.

An image of the Betser Pre Registration page

Compete With Other on Your Skills and Knowledge

This is where Betser really shines – The Betser League. You will be awarded points based on the odds of your winning bets, these can either bring you to the top of your division or be relegated to a lower division. So, the better your odds and bets are the higher you will rank. You can challenge your friends or other players to see who really knows their games.

What do you need to know?

They have not been launched yet, they are at pre-registration stages. You can pre-register and stand a chance to win some awesome prizes such as winning the brand new iPhone 7.

With Betser, players don’t just place bets: they compete with other players in the Betser League and they get recognized for their betting style by earning Balls or Brains points. Casino Heroes is a cutting-edge brand that changed the industry through its creativity and new implications to the Gaming Industry. That is why we expect Betser to lead to new paths and create the game changing experience sports enthusiasts have been yearning for.