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Who is the Gibraltar Gambling Commission?

Who is the Gibraltar Gambling Commission? As you might be already aware, online casino operations need some form of license to operate legitimately for many reasons. Mainly related to protecting players from unfair gambling and other forms of deceptive business practices. The idea is to protect both parties by providing laws and regulations that prevent the average person from misleading practice. Or even taking some kind of unfair advantage of a business. Surely now you have some understanding of the importance of such commissions?

Introducing the Gibraltar Gambling Commission. This is a governing body tasked to regulate data protection, radio, broadcasting and telecommunications, and as of 2006; the Gambling Act 2005 was also implemented. Gibraltar Gambling Commission offers remote licensing, which is considered as the cream of the crop or high specs of a casino license. If you see an online casino with such a license, just know they have also pulled all the stops to ensure your time at their casino is possibly the safest you will experience from a gambling industry’s prospective.

Casinos that hold an Gibraltar Gambling License

There are certain requirements or rules in order to grant a Gibraltar Gambling License, following below:

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License types and rules by the Gibraltar Gambling Commission

As mentioned above, the Gibraltar Gambling Commission offers licenses from broadcasting to gambling. The following only focus on gaming related licenses

  • Pool Promoter’s License
  • Remote Gambling License
  • Bookmaker’s License
  • Betting Intermediary’s License
  • Gaming Operator’s License
  • Gaming Machine License

In order to obtain licenses from the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, all applicants must have minimum and specific information upon application which includes the mandatory data such as your name, date of birth and address. Other more specific information includes a KYC process which requires the customers’ documents such as an identification card or passport, utility and some bank statements to prove that the applicant can afford hers/his venture. That’s not where it ends, applicants must also meet the strict testing of anti-money laundering requirements. Those requirements are aimed at also preventing criminal activities that take advantage of the player or any other party involved with the casino.

The above information is just some of the policies or requirements necessary for all casinos and applicants to adhere too. As strict as they may be, protection is also the name of the game. Because of such regulations, licenses from the Gibraltar Gambling Commission are very much sort after and held at high esteem.

Player Protection and Responsible Gaming

The Gibraltar Gambling Commission created the licenses provided above with the intention of protecting the player. Protection doesn’t only address or cover criminal activities but as another important factor, Responsible Gaming. Should the player feel that they might have a gambling issues, regulations have been put in place. These include setting betting limits and other types of limits to ensure responsible gaming. Overall, the player has even afforded the right to blacklist themselves from all casinos should they feel they are no longer in control.